Concussion Baseline Testing

On Tuesday, Miami Rugby welcomed Dr. Coppus from South Florida Integrative Health to training. Dr. Coppus reviewed with the team why it is important to be proactive with concussions and treat them as serious matters. He explained how the spine and brain are sensitive, and how they typically react to big hits. The symptoms listed had been shared by many, and surprised more than one in the crowd. Many questions were asked and all were answered. Accompanying him was Todd Strong, a 3rd year chiropractic student from Live University (home of the nation’s #1 college rugby team).

Concussion test
Miami Rugby player performing preseason concussion baseline test

Todd is studying functional neurology, so it was a great opportunity to put his academic training into action. Before leaving, the duo performed baseline testing on a number of players. These quick tests allow a player to know his current mental ability and compare it to his mental performance any time he suffers a serious head knock. The test follows a popular standard created by the Cleveland Clinic, so whether the hit happens in Haulover while training on the beach, or inĀ George Town while playing Grand Cayman, local medical professionals will be able to compare like with like.

Concussion baseline test review
Life University student Todd Strong reviews the concussion baseline test results with Lee Parker

We certainly appreciate Dr. Coppus and Todd visiting with the team. We are concerned with player safety andĀ concussion awareness is one step we are taking to help our team. If you experience a hard hit on your head and think you might have a concussion, please contact the staff at South Florida Integrative Health to learn ask about a consultation.